Meet my new obsession: the poke bowl!

A little bit like a salad, a lot like sushi – except it’s in a bowl. Traditionally it’s sushi rice topped with diced tuna and avocado, in a kind of soy marinade, but you can change it up in endless combinations. It’s been dubbed ‘the new food trend’ all over, and I love it – but unfortunately it hasn’t hit Copenhagen yet.

Luckily you only have to go to Sweden to get it, more specifically Hawaii Poké.

The poke bowl originates from Hawaii, hence the name. And when you can’t go to Hawaii, in this case it comes to you.

You can choose between a few different pokes or make your own. I went for the Maui Classic with salmon, salad, seaweed, mango, cabbage and sesame. And it was as good as it looked! Wash it down with their very strong ginger soda!

A great place for a healthy lunch in Stockholm, and until I get back, I’m just hoping for a poke spot in Copenhagen …

Mäster Samuelsgatan 9, Stockholm, Facebook page.


  • September 14, 2016


    The name of the actual dish is poke (but yes, the name of the shop spells it with an accent over the e)

  • September 20, 2016


    Oops, thanks for being awake :) I fixed it now.

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