Can you ever be too prepared? Though I’m not planning on going to Tulum in the near future (unfortunately), I couldn’t help but look at these hotels while waiting …



Luv Tulum

The Luv Tulum is an ecological hotel with just 12 ocean view cabanas. Its very down to earth and primitive, in fact there’s no need to bring your hairdryer because the voltage is too high – in other words, you’ll need to embrace the natural and casual look. Wifi is not completely out of the question, though, you can go online in the reception and the restaurant. The restaurant serves fresh fish, tacos and other delicacies, all in a barefoot environment – talk about casual!  If you’re looking for a relaxing stay, and want to detox  from stress and chaos, this is your place.

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Amansala is an Eco Chic Resort and Spa, because they offer bikini and detox retreats. Enjoy a six day stay with healthy (and some raw) meals, daily yoga and meditation, massages and facials, training and cooking classes – many might not think of it as a vacation, but in my ears it sounds like luxury. They recently opened their sister hotel, Amansala Chica, which is smaller but just a minute away. They’re both designed in beautiful Moroccan-style interiors, unlike many other Tulum hotels.



Coqui Coqui

Former model Nicolas Malleville bought the land, wanting to make a private property for him and his family. A home away from home, after his many travels through modeling. While building, he met Francesca Bonato, they fell in love, and the Coqui Coqui became their love project. They’re now married. After it opened, they began renting out rooms to friends, and later opened it as a real hotel – with just seven rooms. The staff is family and close friends of the family, making the atmosphere very intimate and familial. Since then a perfumery has become part of the Coqui Coqui world, they’ve opened more hotels in Mexico with plans of one in Italy as well. With such a good history, it sounds like the perfect (and most fragrant!) place to stay  in Tulum.

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