You know I love tacos (well, who doesn’t?), so when I heard about Tijuana Picnic in New York, I had to go. Why? The two guys behind it comes from the team of Acme (whose team also include Mads Refslund, who was previously at Noma). Now don’t jump to conclusions and call this Noma tacos – there’s a different place for that.

But Tijuana Picnic is definitely worth a visit! My first thoughts was that it would be a fancy taco place, but think again. You’ll find it on the Lower East Side – yes it’s that low key ‘Cocktails and Tacos’ sign on the street. Once inside, be ready for a festive dinner. The interior is kind of retro (and not very Mexican), with diner-booths and red tables, and the vibe is buzzing.

The food? Classic tacos taken up a notch and the best guacamole I’ve ever had! Look at those rye tortilla chips!

If you’re up for a laid back atmosphere (that might turn in to a party), comfort food with a delicate twist and strong margaritas this is your place. My favourite detail? The tequila sign!

151 Essex Street, Tijuana-picnic.com

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