The night before I left for New York, I had an early Valentines dinner with my friend Emma at 108 at Noma. While the Noma team is in Australia, the restaurant 108 has moved into their space.

Bookings are at popular demand, and who can blame anyone for wanting to have a bite of the World’s best restaurant at a fifth of the price?

I was very excited to go, and my expectations were high. We had a late reservation, at 9.30, so we did what any girlfriends with late table reservations do; met up at my place for some wine and snacks beforehand.

Which is why we decided to go for 3 courses, instead of the recommended 4.

For starters we both had the braised ox tails, which was just as tasty as they look! Three small balls full of flavour. The perfect party snack if you ask me. My main was a salt baked celeriac, the tastiest I ever had! It had so much power, like a really great beef.

After realising there was no chocolate on the dessert menu (sorry but you can never go wrong with that!), we opted for two to share; rosehip with caramel and vinegar and an ice cream with a toasted barley cream and blackcurrant wood oil. Like the rest of our meal it was experimental and unusual, and unlike what a lot of Copenhagen restaurants has to offer.

108 at Noma is definitely worth the experience, and I’ll be happy to come back once they settle into their own space in number, yes, 108.

Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, 108.dk

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