Even though Kyoto mainly attracts tourists who’s going for the sightseeing, I couldn’t help but search for a nice coffee spot or two. Luckily I found % Arabica.

It was a beautiful sunny day, actually the first real day of Spring, when we decided to bike around Kyoto. It’s a true bike city, and even if they don’t really have bike paths on the streets like we do in Copenhagen (and the places they do, the cars don’t really care), the small, narrow and quiet streets of Kyoto is perfect for cruising around.

% Arabica has three locations in Kyoto, we went for the one close to the famous Gion geisha area. The coffee is of course splendid, which is a rare find in Kyoto. If you’re lucky, there’s a Starbucks, but most places only have black coffee and hardly any milk. Crazy, right?

We found the perfect sunny spot outside, and watched girls dressed up as geishas walking by. If you want to catch a glimpse of a real geisha, you have to be in luck, but at night time is your best try!


87 Hoshinochō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto, Arabica.coffee

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