Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and Los Angeles has too many good breakfast places to offer.

On the last day of our stay, we stopped by Backyard Bowls. As the name suggests, they serve all kinds of bowls. Acai/smoothie bowls and hot porridge bowls, all with endless kinds toppings.

I have a thing for porridge at the moment, so I went for the Ancient Grains bowl made with quinoa, cashew milk and cinnamon, topped with goji berries, almonds, blueberries, strawberries, chia seed and honey. Mmmm it was good! The green smoothie is called Popeye, with spinach, kale, banana, lime, ginger and apple juice.

Next time I might go for the Berry Bowl (acai bowl with granola and berries on top) or the Coco-Cado bowl which is an acai bowl spiced up with avocado and coconut. Yum!

For lunch they serve bowls with sprouts, lentils, hummus, kale and other veggies. Sounds good too!

Well, I’m off – gonna try to remake one of those oatmeals at home now.


8303 Beverly Boulevard, 90048 Los Angeles,

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