Though we almost didn’t leave the nice surroundings of Soho House in Berlin, I actually did manage to do a little shopping.

The first day we stopped by the Acne store, where I decided to try a denim style called Row. It’s a mix of a boyfriend and a slim style, it’s cropped and it’s pretty flattering! I love this vintage colour, reminds me of an old pair of Levi’s.

Soho House has it’s own store, conveniently named The Store, and it’s the most ambitious and impressive hotel store I’ve ever seen. Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler and The Row are among the designers found on the shelves, but there’s also old records, travel books, beauty products, sportswear and mugs… A sports bra might be a weird thing to buy on a weekend trip to Berlin, but that’s nevertheless what I did. When I saw this cool one from Lndr I had to try it. Fun fact: Gigi Hadid is a fan too. It’s so comfortable, and I love that it’s a little bit longer than they usually are.

Last but not least, I wanted to show you these cute mugs by Emma Lacey. Aren’t they great? Big and perfect for a tea or coffee, and they come in a lot of pretty colours. I went for the light pink and light beige. It might sound crazy, but I think a coffee tastes better when you drink it from a pretty cup.

I could have brought home a lot more from The Store, if it wasn’t for lack of space in my carry on. Maybe next time.

Lndr sports bra, Emma Lacey mugs and Acne jeans.

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