During Stockholm Fashion Week I stopped by sweet Daniela. Not only is she designing cute jewellery in the name of Blue Billie, she’s also the woman behind Bxxlght, the cool light boxes and neon signs you’ve probably seen on Instagram.

In Stockholms Södermalm area you’ll find her store where she combines the two brands perfectly.

“I wanted to make the left side of the store really raw and clean, because that’s the style of Bxxlght. The right side should represent the more feminine and soft side of Blue Billie, with grey walls and ceiling, pink carpet on the floor and delicate flowers.” 

Mission accomplished! The two mini stores is only combined with an open door in the middle, and I couldn’t decide which part of the store I wanted to shop first.

So what did I get? A cute gold anklet and a black necklace (that I’m wearing in the pic). Still dreaming about this Amour neon sign though …

Definitely worth a visit! And while you’re there, go for breakfast here.


Krukmakargatan 31, Stockholm, and


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