Believe it or not, Palma is not full of great ice cream spots. For a gelato-lover like me, that can be an issue …

But during my last trip I was happy to see the opening of this new spot. Meet Bo Bom Gelateria.

As the name suggests this is gelato – i.e. italian ice cream. That is some of the best in the world, so won’t complain.

And this place has some interesting options – have you ever tried lemon and basil? Me neither – and I still haven’t, as I went for my favorite hazelnut (can’t beat a classic!) and arancia aka. naranja aka. orange. Yum!

They also do soft serve, italian granita and ice cream sandwiches … Lots of reasons to come back!


Costa de la Pols 16 A, Palma de Mallorca,

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