On our first day in New York, we had a pretty busy day, and after fighting our way through jetlag and snowstorm we finally ended up at Café Henrie for a late lunch.

I know what you’re thinking: another place with yet another avocado toast?

Not really! Yes, there’s an avo toast on the picture, but if we hadn’t come one minute to kitchen closing time, we would have gone for one of their bowls – meatballs, beet, brown rice, pomegranate, kale and sumac, and maybe that aforementioned avocado on top. We were late, hungry and tired, and only had the option of avocado toast – but that being said, it was a damn good one. Topped with a turmeric poached egg, it wasn’t your standard toast.

So what else makes this place special? The man behind it is André Saraiva aka Mr. André, graffiti artist, creative director for Hotel Amour, different clubs, restaurants and for a few years L’Officiel Homme magazine – to name a few. And now he opened his own place, Café Henrie.

The thing I like most about Mr. André is his love graffiti – some of the first graffiti he did was writing girls names, commissioned by their loved ones, in the streets of Paris near their home, so they’d be sure to see it. If you keep an eye out, you might see his character Mr. A, a stick man with a hat, around the world – I found him in New York a few years ago (see picture). But if you’ll be sure to find him, just go to Café Henrie, he’s all over it!


116 Forsyth Street, New York,


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