Yesterday I went for lunch at Duke in Palma, a new favorite of mine. You’ll find it in the hip Santa Catalina area, where a lot of new bars and restaurants are constantly popping up. Duke however is one of the oldies, it was opened in 2009 by two surfer guys with a menu inspired from their travels. The food is healthy and delicious with an asian twist, always made of fresh produce (most likely picked up at the Santa Catalina food market just around the corner, don’t miss that either!). The menu changes daily, but often contains wok-dishes or grilled fish. For lunch they offer a 3 course menu at €14,90, mine yesterday was a starter of mexican quinoa salad with dried tomatoes and avocado, a main of grilled (to perfection) salmon with a delicious potato salad and for dessert either a yoghurt ice cream with mango sauce or just a coffee.  Santa Catalina has a great relaxed and young vibe, which is sure to be more energetic at night. Duke also has a well equipped bar, I’m sure it’s even more cool to be there at night.

Duke, Calle Soler 36, Palma de Mallorca. 

Visit their Facebook page. 

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