One of the things I love about my job is meeting so many cool people. Luka is one of them. She’s studying architecture and working part time as a photographer – shooting for ELLE among others. We share a lot of passions, such as travels, food and cool sneakers – not to mention a love for cool surfer hotels (this one in particular). So when she had a trip to Barcelona coming up, I saw my opportunity to introduce my first ever guest blogger. See more of Luka’s work here.

Guest blogger Luka Roné:

Barca oh Barca. Your old streets are enchanting, and the Barcelonetta is so refreshing, but where to start the day with a healthy meal?

My friend Julia and I are suckers for interiors, and both separately pinned this place on our Pinterests, so expectations were high. Boy, the real thing was good. We snitched a seat in the window frame with special built tables, and I ordered a somewhat Copenhagen classic: Avocado on a piece of rye bread, fresh coriander, lemon and a poached egg. And a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. They kept it clean and simple, and I couldn’t ask for more. Perfection.

Inside, people sat around a big table, and the atmosphere was intimate. It felt like a lazy Saturday at home with newspapers on the table, and a bunch of friends.

They open at 8am Monday-Thursday, 9am on weekends.

C/ Parlament 39, 08015 Barcelona, Federalcafe.es

All photos by Luka Roné. 

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