A few weeks ago we went on a pre summer holiday (or dare I say it… babymoon?) to Italy. We landed in Milan and drove around the Emilia-Romagna region and ended in Bologna.

Emilia-Romagna houses the cities of Parma and Modena, known for the production of parma ham, balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano. And with my current ice cream craving, it’s safe to say this was a foodie trip.

I’m writing a travel guide with all my best tips to be featured in ELLE DK’s September issue, but here’s a little sneak peek of our trip …


First stop Milan. We only had a few hours there, but I insisted on a lunch break at my favorite LùBar. I love the green interior of this space.


In Modena you’ll find the restaurant Osteria Francescana. In 2016 it was placed 1st in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards. With only 12 tables, getting a reservation is not easy. We signed up for the waitlist for lunch and dinner all days of our trip, and one week before departure we got a call from Modena. A table had opened up on Friday night. We had to change our flight, but who cares, you don’t get this opportunity everyday – and with the baby coming soon, who knows when we’ll be able to prioritise Michelin restaurants?

And it was pretty amazing. A few days after it was named the World’s Best Restaurant once again.



Lazy days in Modena. The beautiful pastel colored city stole my heart, and so did the cherry season! We brought some from the local market, and I’ve honestly never tasted anything like it.


Next stop: Parma. We found a cute bed&breakfast 10 min. from the city center, the perfect place to lounge by the pool before driving off on adventures. And the breakfast setting in that garden was just amazing.


Ice cream eating every single day!

Parma is a little more busy than Modena, but  I loved to stroll around the quiet streets discovering cute little corners. And everyone bikes here, mostly at a very slow speed. Easy living!


In Bologna we rented an Airbnb, but not just any Airbnb. It was a palazzo! We had too much space for just the two of us, but with our own garden we didn’t complain. Here’s the link if you feel inspired.


What else happened? I (almost) stole a Vespa, we had so much pasta, even more gelato and in general just took down the pace a notch. Maybe it was the heat, the siesta or just the slow feeling in general that forced you to slow down. And isn’t that what a holiday is all about?


  • July 9, 2018


    Hej Josephine. Tak for en god artikel.
    Jeg skal til Bologna i efteråret og vil derfor høre om du ikke vil sende link til det fantastiske Airbnb sted, som du beskriver i artiklen ovenfor. Kan du derudover anbefale nogle gode restauranter i Bologna?

    De bedste hilsner

  • July 12, 2018


    Hej Maj-Britt,
    Jeg har sat linket til airbnb’en ind i artiklen. Hvornår skal du afsted?
    Hilsen Josephine

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