Coffee before work, coffee at work, after work coffees, weekend coffees, holiday coffee, iced coffee. Admitted, I love coffee!
I do try to limit my intake, though, but there’s nothing like a perfectly brewed cup of caffeine to wake me up!

I’ve just come back from my summer holiday in Mallorca, where my diet mostly consisted of ice cream, watermelon, rosé and burrata (the latter not so Spanish, I know, doesn’t make it less tasty!) – so when I saw the chance of an excellent cup of coffee on a visit in Palma, I jumped at it.

La Molienda has been on my must try list for a long time, and to be honest I actually stopped by just a few days after I arrived to the island. Cerrado. Closed for summer holidays, wait what!? The Spanish like their siestas (and their holidays), so to say I was very disappointed (and coffee craving) is not far from the truth.
So when I came back on my very last holi-day (get that?), that coffee was very much needed.

Luckily La Molienda was not only open, it was worth also the wait!
The thing is, nice cafés are hard to come by in Palma, but La Molienda ticks all the boxes; central location but not too touristy, avocado toast (and oatmeal, pictured) on the menu, a serious approach to coffee (they brought me a new cup, because they spilled some of it just before serving) and a nice and relaxed atmosphere with both in- and outdoor seating.

In other words: I’ll be back (but checking the opening hours first)


Carrer del Bisbe Campins, 11, Palma de Mallorca,

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