There’s a new favourite in (my) town!
The people behind French café Beau Marché has opened a sister place with the name of Les Voyageurs – and it’s just as cozy and charming!
Beau Marché might be my all time favourite Copenhagen café – so why is it not on the blog you ask? Because I want to keep it to myself … no, of course not! Sometimes, and especially with the places I visit regularly, I don’t even think about doing blog posts, because I go there all the time.
Anyway, as much as Beau Marché deserves a blog post, for now I’ll give you the just-as-good-one!
Les Voyageurs is situated in the area behind Kgs. Nytorv (Holbergsgade), which is a pretty quiet neighbourhood, and could use a café like this.
French lunch classics like omelette and croque monsieur is on the menu, but you can also just sit down with a coffee.
As soon as spring hits Copenhagen, I can’t wait to have a seat outside with a glass of rosé!
Holbergsgade 9, Copenhagen.

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