I want to share a new breakfast spot I found in Palma! It’s called Mama Carmen’s and you’ll find it in my favourite Santa Catalina area. You need to map it out, because it’s a few streets away from all the other cafés in the area, but trust me it’s worth the extra steps.

I would recommend anyone coming to Mallorca to spend a few nights in Palma (preferably at a hotel with a rooftop pool, like this one) just to be able to enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast in the city.


First of all, they make a really good coffee! That is quite rare on the island, but luckily more and more caffeine spots are popping up. The interior has an industrial but homey feel to it, and even if the space is not that big, it feels airy and welcoming. They also have outdoor seating, if you’re up for that.


And the menu? Your choice of yoghurt (soy or regular) topped with lots of fruits, variations on the classic avocado toast, freshly squeezed juices and some baked pastries. What more can you wish for?


Carrer de Cervantes, 21, Palma de Mallorca,


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