I’ve spent the last four days in Milan for fashion week, and I can’t wait to share some of my new favourite spots!

The place I loved the most was Ratanà. A restaurant in a lovely old building, a bit outside the city center. Just look at how amazing it is!

It was a lovely Saturday, families were lunching outside and their children running around playing.

Ratanà is part of what I’d like to call the new generation of restaurants in Milan; inspired by the traditional Italian kitchen, but with a more refined sense and a focus on veggies.

We went for the meatballs as a snack (so, so good!), a classic carpaccio (yet presented beautifully) and ricotta with figs. The latter is probably my favourite dish, period. Okay, maybe along with a few others, but I have a hard time not ordering it whenever it’s on the menu.

Ratanà is definitely a new favourite of mine – I’m already excited about coming back next season.


Via Gaetano de Castillia, 28, Milan, Ratana.it

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