Back in Barcelona, we stopped by Satan’s Coffee Corner. Probably the most evil sounding café you’ll meet, but don’t worry – there’s nothing mean about it. Only the coffee, but in a good way.


You won’t find it unless you know where to look, and judging by the amount of tourists in Barcelona, that’s probably a good thing.

The day I stopped by was an extremely hot and humid July day, hence the smile on my face when I got my iced coffee.


I love the humor of this place, just look at this sign below …



Next time I’ll come back for their breakfast menu which looks great: bircher muesli, croissants, yoghurt or if you’re feeling adventurous; a japanese breakfast. Enjoy!

Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11, 08002 Barcelona,

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  • August 25, 2017


    Elsker Satan’s Coffee Corner, jeg var der i søndags selv <3 Har du også været i deres café i Casa Bonay? Der er også fedt!

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