After my recent trip to LA (tips from there coming right up, stay tuned!) and an upcoming trip to Japan, I’ve decided to become really good at long flights. And it actually makes a difference if you make an effort and prepare. This is what I’ve learned so far …


Be productive

How often do you get 10 hours to do what you want? Take advantage of that, and get some things done! As you know, I’m still testing the Asus Zenbook computer, and I brought it on the flight to clean up my inbox – it’s so satisfying, especially when you’re not online to have new mails coming in. Only a matter of time before there’s wifi on all planes though …


Or not …

Not in the mood for working? Sit back and relax, and cover  your eyes with a sleeping mask if you want to sleep. I always found them a bit overrated, but they really do make a huge difference! Almost didn’t hear the screaming child in the back with it on…


Catch up on your reading

I love to bring magazines and books on long flights, but it can get heavy. This time I made copies of some of the articles I had left to read from a few different magazines – easy to carry, easy to get rid of afterwards.



As in bring your own snacks … I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. In-flight food is not to rely on, so bring something you know you’ll like. I brought an organic oatmeal I bought in LA that just needed some hot water to get ready – which is no problem for the flight staff to bring you.


Pamper yourself

I’m actually one to consider bringing a facial mask to a plane (who wouldn’t like to arrive with good skin?), but I’ll save that for next time. This time though, I brought (from left) a hand creme, cleansing water, facial mist, lip (and everything else) balm and a face cream – all in travel sizes of course. If you’re flying home in the afternoon, it’s nice to remove makeup before departing and put on lots of moisturiser – or before landing. The other products are just lifesavers during the flight.


Be on time

The first thing I do is set the time on my watch for my upcoming destination – that way you’re easing into the new timezone.


Go under the radar

When you land, you sometimes want to hide behind something (at least I do). So reach for your sunglasses! I always bring mine to the flight, so I don’t have to open my suitcase upon arrival, if the sun is out.


In collaboration with Asus

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