One of the best and most simple meals I had in Japan, was this donburi in Kyoto. Donburi? A bowl with rice, topped with raw fish. Simple, yet so delicious!

But the real charm of this meal was the place. Situated right next to the touristy (yet still worth a visit) Nishiki Market, you’d never find this place if it wasn’t for me (you’re welcome!). I usually don’t mean to brag, but in this case, it’s true – even I almost didn’t find it.

The tiny restaurant is run by an old Japanese couple, the man working as the chef, the woman serving green tea and roasting the nori (to top your donburi with) over the counter, that sits 4, max 5 people. And that’s it. The kitchen and counter is literally in the same tiny space.

Though they don’t speak any english we managed to order with a big smile, a ‘konichiwa’, ‘donburi’ and ‘arigato’ – and it was some of the freshest fish we got on that trip.

If you’re looking for an authentic, delicious and healthy meal – this is it. But go for lunch, I heard they’re closed at night.


Find the directions here

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