New York is full of tasty temptations, but luckily a lot of them are healthy too!

Kale salad has by all means gotten a revival, it’s actually hard to find a menu in the city that doesn’t involve the hip leafy green. And speaking of salads, let me introduce Sweetgreen. It is basically what New York does best: a deli specialising in, you guessed it, salads, but in a pretty big scale. Take your pick between kale, arugula, quinoa and more, add chickpeas, spicy broccoli, tomatoes, cheese, chicken, falafels, hummus and much more – and top it off with a dressing, how about a spicy cashew or a miso sesame ginger vinaigrette? The possibilities are endless – this is New York after all.

Expect to queue up, these huge salads are popular – but I see why.

Sweetgreen has some seats, but their salads are perfect to take away.

They have more locations, I stopped by the one in Nolita.

100 Kenmare Street, Sweetgreen.com

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