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After spending almost every summer there for the past 6-7 years, I don’t think it’s too much to say that I’ve got a good tip or two up my sleeve. Mallorca is fantastic! Beautiful beaches, easy to get around, wonderful food and lots of sunshine. What’s not to like?

This guide was originally printed in the ELLE Denmark May 2018 issue, here is the translated version.



Castell Son Claret

On the west side of the Island, just at the end of the Unesco protected Tramuntana mountains, you’ll find Castell Son Claret, an old castle now working as a luxury hotel. It’s stunningly beautiful, the gardens will make you all zen and the terrace breakfast is reason enough to book.


Predi Son Jaumell

Located on the east side, Predi Son Jaumell is an old Mallorcan finca that’s been fully renovated and now houses 24 suites. The view over the olive fields, the relaxed feeling, the enchanting white day beds by the pool and the fact that everything is kept in light blue and white colors complete the experince.


Es Princep

I’d say it’s a must to have a few nights in Palma, because the city has so much to offer. Newly opened Es Princep has a minimal interior, but don’t let that fool you, detail is very well thought of. The sea view is wonderful, but the rooftop pool is what gets you through the hot summer days.


Hotel Mamà

Maybe you already know the Cappuccino cafes? They’re placed all over the island, but Hotel Mamà is their first hotel in Mallorca. There’s a buzzy vibe from the main cafe, rooms feature big bathrooms and there’s an in house cinema.


Nakar Hotel

Nakar Hotel is centrally located in Palma within walking distance to everything in the city. The rooftop pool says it all and the rates are very reasonable.



Local specialties

It would be a shame not to bring home some local specialties, such as sea salt, almonds and olive oil, but it would be completely foolish not to come home with a straw bag and a pair of espadrilles. You’ll find it lots of places, but my favorite for everything straw is Mimbreria Vidal.

Luxury brands

In Palma you’ll find lots of big brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mulberry, but don’t miss a trip to Mango, Zara or sisterbrand Üterque – all Spanish and with a great selection. On the lookout for Dior and Céline? Then head to the seaport of Portals Nous, that offers a few exclusive shops.


Off the big streets of Palma, you’ll find the Swedish owned Rialto Living, a beautiful store worth a visit just for the look. Not far from there is Viveca, a small vintage and antiques store situated in an old garage. Bon Vivant offers more small stuff like ceramics, vases and textiles.


Palma restaurants

Palma is full of cool spots, especially restaurants. Head to the hip Santa Catalina area, where you’ll find Duke, a low key spot with a surf vibe serving up a great 3 course lunch. Next door is Bunker’s, and it’s a miracle what comes out of that tiny kitchen. Remember reservations. If you’re looking for more traditional tapas, Club Tast is the place to go for crispy croquetas, spanish tortilla and heavenly burrata salad. If you find yourself in Palma for brunch, Mama Carmens has an excellent selections of eggs, yoghurt, juice and croissants.

The one worth a drive

Just a short drive north from Inca, in the small town of Caimari is Ca Na Toneta. Everything on the seasonal menu is produce from the island, served in a six course tasting menu. Arrive early and have a drink at their tiny bar and garden next door, where they also have a shop selling ceramics, textiles and other stuff you definitely want to fill your luggage with.

Those with stunning views

A little outside Palma, the luxury hotel Cap Rocat is situated. They have two restaurants, the less formal Sea Club being my favorite. They serve fish and meat from the grill along with dishea like mozzarella salad and tuna tatare – all with a stunning view of Palma bay during sunset. Up north in Deià you’ll find lots of great spots, a popular one being Ca’s Patro March. As it is litterally on the sea, fish is their specialty. Don’t forget cash.


Coffee break

Even hot days call for coffee (maybe iced coffee), and Palma has a few good spots. La Molienda is a favorite among locals and Café Riutort have lots of speciality coffee. Remember if you’re looking for a latte, ask for café con leche.


Off the main street in Palma you’ll find Cafe Antiquari on some stairs – they serve cold drinks in a relaxed setting and even though you’re in the middle of the center it feels pretty local. If you’re looking for a rooftop, head to Hotel Sant Francesc or Cuba Bar. For after dinner drinks, head to Clandestino Cocktail Club – a small hidden bar serving up strong and tasty drinks.

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