This weekend I celebrated my birthday and when I decided where to make dinner reservations, it got me thinking about some of my favourite restaurants; London’s Social Eating House, New York’s ABC Kitchen and Danish Amass. What they have in common is amazing food that sets them apart from your ‘normal’ nice restaurant, but none of them is what you’d define as fine dining. The interior, the ambience, the overall feeling of the places is cool, relaxed and down to earth.
That’s what I like in a restaurant. Because who would really want a dining experience to be stiff and uptight? Not me.

So why didn’t I just go to Amass on my birthday? Well, truth is they’re closed on Sundays.
But that gave me the chance to try something new, that fit right into my newfound taste in restaurants;  Uformel.
Directly translated to informal, this was the perfect choice.

Uformel is the Michelin starred Formel B’s younger brother, but prices here are much more accessible.
The menu is a selection of small courses for you to mix and match.
I went with king crab and potatoes for a starter, pork with grilled lettuce and figs for a main and a dessert of blueberry sorbet and salted caramel. Everything was delicious and unpretentious.
They recommend 4-5 courses, I’d say 3-4. All courses are 100 dkk each (about 13-14 euros), very reasonable if you ask me.

Would I come back for the informal experience? You bet!

Studiestræde 69, 1554 Copenhagen, Uformel.dk

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