The other day in Palma I accidentally found my way to this quiet alley – and I’m glad I did!

When I had a closer look, I found that old garages has been made into small shops and a yoga studio. How cool is that? The atmosphere was so cool and relaxed, and very quiet compared to the other busy streets of Palma.

Viveca is an interior shop with both new and antique goods. It opened a few months ago. From small glasses and vases to furniture like desks and bookcases, there’s a wide variety of cool stuff I wanted to bring home with me.

They receive new things all the time, luckily they’re keeping you posted on their Instagram.

So how to find this secret alley? From the Passeig de Born go up Carrer de Sant Feliu (just next to Louis Vuitton and Massimo Dutti), keep your eye out for the alley on your left.


Carrer de Sant Feliu, 17, Palma de Mallorca.


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