No trip to Paris without a visit to Merci. A new classic!

You might know it already, but did you know that the founders, Bernard and Marie-France Cohen, is also the founders of children’s label Bonpoint?

Merci is not just an easy to remember name, it is Bernard and Marie-France saying thank you to life and wanting to give something back. How so? Not only is Merci employing 70 people in the store, they’re also featuring new and upcoming designers, and last but not least proceeds from the store go to educational projects in Madagascar.

As they intended, there’s something for everyone at Merci. Antiques or modern furniture, clothing, shoes and Aesop beauty products, books, gadgets, stationary or their popular Merci charm bracelets – whether you wanna save or splurge, you won’t go out empty handed.

Don’t miss one of the cafés for a relaxed lunch or snack.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris,

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  • November 2, 2016


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  • […] You probably already know Merci, but I always stop by when I’m in town. It’s great for killing some time between shows, because you can browse all the stuff in the store or hang out at the cafe. They change the installations in the store by season, the last time I stopped by they had a really pretty flower theme. Always very inspiring to stop by! Read more here. […]