A few weeks ago I started my morning a little better than usually.
Louis Vuitton had invited me in for a class in packing – a skill I think I’m getting better at, but always eager to improve.

And with the pros from the Louis Vuitton I was in good hands. Did you know that Mr. Vuitton himself started out as a professional luggage packer for the wealthy back in the days? Back when you didn’t just go away for a weekend, but for months and needed your whole wardrobe (and life) packed and shipped with you. To accompany his luggages, he provided the service of filling them too.

So what destination to pack for? I opted for the obvious: Paris. Classic jeans and chic stripes with a dash of nude pink nails. The red Twist bag as the finishing french touch.

Let me present the rules of packing according to Louis Vuitton – maybe a little bit updated in comparison to how they did it back then.
Start heavy
Heavy things go first, and place them in the bottom of the suitcase, closest to the wheels.

Long live dustbags
Pack shoes in dustbags. Not only to take care of your other belongings, but to protect the shoes themselves. Save space by putting small things like socks and underwear inside the shoes.

Rock and roll
I’ve heard the thing about rolling clothes before, but didn’t really see why. Apparently it saves space, and prevents wrinkles. Beware not to roll too tight.

The small stuff
Fill up empty spaces with small things, like makeup bag, a book, jewellery case or a belt.

Save the best for last
Make sure to pack delicate things like your little black dress in a garment bag and put it on top, that way it will be the first thing you take out and hang when you open your suitcase. The Louis Vuitton suitcase comes with one, smart right?


And a few of my own packing rules to finish…

Go for multi working beauty products, like an eyeshadow that doubles as a blush, or a bodylotion as a hand creme.

Always pack a thing or two to dress up your outfit in a second, like heels or a pair of shiny earrings – you never know when you might need it.

Don’t forget a warm knit (I always forget this one) – even if you check the weather report a thousand times before departure, it might not be as warm as you think.


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