Yay! It’s that time of the year again – summer holidays coming up. I’m looking forward to three weeks of lounging, swimming, reading, eating and pure relaxing! Where I’m spending mine? Mallorca.

 I always overpack on my summer holidays, simply because that’s the only place I can really wear all my summer dresses, mini shorts and cute tops. But I’ve tried to narrow it down…

Ellos asked me to pack my bag with some of their styles, so I made a list of the 6 things your (and my) summer suitcase needs this year:

A bathing suit

Move over bikini, the one piece swimsuit has never been more chic. Go for a classic colour like black, navy or if you dare, white!

A straw hat

The ultimate summer piece. Whatever you’re wearing, throw a straw hat on top and you instantly look like you belong on the Riviera. Plus, it’s safe in the sun.

A pair of espadrilles

Every self respecting shoe brand made espadrilles this summer, and they’re the ultimate summer shoes. Comfortable yet cute, and the laces give them a little something extra.

A hint of bronzing powder

I love a nice tan, but let’s be honest, my fair skin takes forever to get there. So instead of baking away, I always bring a bronzer to help me a little. Fake it ’till you make it.


No explanation needed, right? No matter your skin, SPF is always a good idea.

A sun dress

Every holiday needs an easy sun dress. One you feel comfortable wearing both day and night, no matter how warm it gets. And go for a washable non-sensitive material, so you don’t have to be careful in the sand or with the sun lotion.

Happy holidays!


This post is sponsored by Ellos

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