This weekend I attended a cooking class at Eataly. What was on the menu? Fresh pasta!

I haven’t tried a real cooking class ever, the only thing I can compare it to is a class back in school when we had to make three different dishes with plums. I never really liked plums after that.

Luckily, this was nothing like that!
As I’ve said before, Italian food is really having a moment, especially in Copenhagen where the list of Italian eateries is long: Spaghetteria, Mangia, Bæst, I could go on.

So Eataly opening here is no surprise – and I love it. I usually go here on a Friday night when I just want to cook something simple and delicious and need the best ingredients.

Well, back to the pasta course.

We were only 5 people in the class, so it was very intimate. We made four different kinds of pasta: two raviolis with mascarpone+pesto and mushrooms and two tagliatelle with guanciale (a kind of cured meat)+aspargus and sundried+fresh tomatoes.
We also did a last minute extra version with a piece of fresh mozzarella di buffalo and fresh basil. Sounds too simple, but it was my favourite actually!

We mixed the dough, let it rest for 15 minutes while preparing the fillings and sauces and in the end our chef Alessandro cooked the pasta while we had a small wine tasting and snacked on charcuterie.
Afterwards we were served biscottis, vin santo and coffee.

The class was 2,5 hours, which is not too long for a cooking class, but I think it was the perfect amount – and you really felt at home in the kitchen of Eataly.

They change the courses depending on season (however pizza and pasta is always part of the schedule), and they also have tiramisu and pesto courses. I can only say that I have to come back!

Check all the classes here.

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