As I told you, staying at the Soho House in Berlin doesn’t demand much of you. You are literally within meters of shopping, lounging, working out, spa-ing and of course eating – all under one roof.

We had lunch at the famous Cecconi’s restaurant, an Italian classic dating back to 1978, where the first one opened in London’s Mayfair. The handmade pasta and Italian specialties were an instant hit (attracking both celebs and royalties), but it eventually closed after 21 years. In 2004 it was reopened by the Soho House owners.

Cecconi’s now has spots in London, Miami, Istanbul, Barcelona, West Hollywood and Berlin. I can only compare to the one in London, and even if the food is pretty much the same, I must say I like the vibe in Berlin better. The Mayfair restaurant is classic and maybe even a little posh, where as the Berlin one combines the big leather sofas and lots of marble with raw brick walls. It’s a cool and inviting place, where you just want to have a good time.

I was here during my New Year’s weekend, and again a few weeks after for fashion week, because I knew it would be the perfect place for a night out.

Oh and the food? Order anything on the menu, and you’ll be happy – but the lobster spaghetti will make you go to heaven!


Cecconi’s at Soho House Berlin, Torstrasse 1, 10119 Berlin, Cecconisberlin.com


Psst … All photos are shot with a new camera I’m trying out, the Canon Eos M5.

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