Happy New Year!

I started 2017 the best way possible with a weekend getaway to Berlin. But not just any place in Berlin, more specifically Soho House. The perfect place to stay in all weekend, and that’s (almost) exactly what we did.

After spending the first day strolling the streets and shopping at Acne, the last day of the year was dedicated to not leaving the hotel at all. And with two restaurants, two cafés, several bars, one (really nice) store, a gym so beautiful it’d be a shame not to visit and a Cowshed spa, it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy it all.

The most perfect day started in the gym, then breakfast with a view of the rooftop pool followed by a massage in the spa. The next hours was spent hanging in our room, getting ready for the big night.

The Great Gatsby was the theme of the dinner and party, and it fit Soho House’s velvet sofas and huge chandeliers perfectly. My look? The grey PJ by Sleeper and statement earrings. Rarely have I received so many compliments for an outfit. Either Berliners are super polite, or it was just perfect for that night. Anyway, I felt so comfy!

Entering the restaurant we were welcomed by hundreds of gold balloons all over the ceiling – such a party starter! Can you blame me for stealing some back to the room?

We had the best night, and an even better morning when all we had to do was reach for the phone to order room service.

This is definitely not my last time at Soho House Berlin.


Torstrasse 1, Berlin,

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