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As you know I was invited to Paris with Hermès last week – and it was a great trip!

Known for it’s leather goods (originally horse saddles all the way back in 1837) and icons such as the Birkin and Kelly bags not to forget the printed silk scarves. When I think about Hermès, the first thing that comes to mind is their orange signature colour, that has now become equal to anything luxurious. Hermès is set to open a new big store in Copenhagen this summer, and I’m so excited. My personal Hermès collection is now only a scarf, but for this trip I borrowed my moms Oran sandals – and I might have to get my hands (or is it feet?) on a pair for myself very soon. Only problem is choosing what colour …

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The only thing I knew about this trip was that I was going to Paris – but not where I was flying home from. But who can say no to one night in Paris? We arrived at five minutes to dinner time, so just barely had time to put down the luggage before leaving for dinner. We stayed at Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, and this was the view from my room. Pretty right?

Simon Miller bag and Rimowa luggage.


After dinner we decided to treat ourselves with a Parisian crepe – because you don’t know when you’ll have that chance again. Followed by an evening walk in the beautiful Palais Royal it was a perfect night in Paris.


Early next morning we were picked up to go to Gare du Nord train station. Where to? We still didn’t know. But the train was booked just for Hermès. Of course Hermès kept us busy on the train while serving breakfast – you know you’re on a fashion train when they serve green juice. We had a quick stop in Brussels, and while I was wondering what we would be doing there, the train quickly continued, and we stopped in …


Antwerp! I’ve never been, so I was beyond excited! And the train station is a good start – look how pretty it is! We were then transported to an old warehouse building, where it seemed like a show was about to start. But it was more of a performance. One by one, models from old Hermès and Martin Margiela fashion shows came in, wearing a bodysuit in black or nude, and started explaining exactly what they were wearing in that specific show, down to the smallest details. No phones and photos allowed – which meant you could (and had to!) concentrate hard to imagine their looks. It’s difficult to explain, but it was a really cool experience! I later found out it was curated by Martin Margiela.


Afterwards we walked down the stairs and ended up in this stunning space. Just look at that never ending table! Now that’s what I call a lunch break.


After lunch it was time for a guided tour of the city. It was great to see a little bit of the city! The destination? The Mode Museum and the Margiela & Hermès exhibition of course. But first up: coffee and desserts. Yes please!


It was so inspiring to see Margielas works! My favourite? The duvet coat as featured in The New York Times by Bill Cunningham. Read more about the exhibit here.


Though it was a quick visit, I’d love to come back to Antwerp!

Àeron dress, Simon Miller bag, Hermès sandals.

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