I might not be going back to Boston anytime soon, but I wanna share Follain with you anyway, because they just opened a pop-up in New York!

This is my all time favourite natural beauty store. Not only are all the products safe to use, they look, smell and feel great, but the store itself is just so pretty with that French apothecary vibe going on. Just look at that sink!

I love buying beauty products – in general, but also in the US. However the rules for what chemicals are allowed are a lot less strict than in Europe, so navigating the product jungle can be tough. Follain has done the hard work for you, and they carry a lot of interesting brands – many of them I didn’t even know. All products are laid out by category, and not brand, which is a great way to make new discoveries.

So what did I bring home? Find out here.

Follain has two stores in Boston, one in Washington and one in Nantucket. The New York pop-up is located in the heart of Soho at 109 Mercer Street. It will be open through February.

I also featured Follain in my Boston video.


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