Some Thursdays are just a bit more glamorous than others. And when Prada invites you to their (highly anticipated) store opening cocktail party, you come. Not only that, you dress up too! At least I think you should, because why not? It is Prada after all … And we dress up too rarely anyway, so with winter and Christmas party season approaching, I thought I might as well get started. Hence the golden dress.

Everyone was there! The place was so packed, I had to come back a few days after to shoot these photos. The upstairs men’s area had been turned into a bar, with bartenders from Copenhagen spot Ruby’s, with a special cocktail menu for the night. A Prada spritz, lavender gin & tonic or how about a good old espresso martini? No one left thirsty, that’s for sure!

The music was provided by models Lindsey Wixon and Klara Kristin – both dressed in Prada of course.

Rumours about the Prada opening has been going for more than two years, so it was about time they opened. But it was worth the wait – the store is beautiful! The floors, the colours, the marble stairway … I predict that the store and especially the stairs will be all over Instagram sooner than you can say Miuccia Prada.

I can’t decide if I want the black velvet bag (that Hanna wore, together with her gorgeous red Prada dress) or the platform shoes more? The silver shoes are great too …

The only thing missing is to make the Prada bar a permanent thing – how cool would that be?


Illum, Østergade 52, Copenhagen,

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