La Bodega Negra is no news really, but since this is a place for all my faves, I couldn’t not mention it.

As we’ve already agreed, Mexican food is all the rage. No wonder, it’s delicious and beautiful yet understated, the perfect food for a night out with friends. Not to mention it usually comes with strong drinks.

Back to the subject, La Bodega Negra is placed in the busy Soho area. From the outside it looks like a sex shop, but when you enter the restaurant downstairs you’re met with a busy and lively ambiance, minimal lightning and loud music. The service is casual and cool, and if you have to wait for your table, don’t worry – enjoy a drink in the bar and take in the great atmosphere. They have a lot of nice tequilas and mezcals to choose from.

Now to the food: I haven’t had anything here I wouldn’t recommend, but the tacos and guacamole is a must! The ceviches and tuna tostadas are amazing as well, and for dessert the churros with chili chocolate are disturbingly good!

La Bodega Negra opened up in New York earlier this year.

La Bodega Negra, 9 Old Compton Street. 

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