Back in the spring, when I was researching for places to feature in my Boston guide to ELLE Travel, I stumbled upon Tatte.

Do you know how you’re so excited about a place, it’s the first thing you visit when you arrive? That’s how I felt about Tatte. And it didn’t disappoint.

I met up with founder Tzurit Or, a Tel Aviv-born film producer who moved to The States in 2003 and wanted to pursue her dream in baking. She started at the local farmers market, and after only one summer, she opened her first shop in the Brookline area of Boston.

And that’s exactly where we met up that morning back in May. I jumped on the T train to St. Mary’s Station, and was instantly charmed by the cute area and stunning location of Tatte. The bright space features small mosaic floors, an open kitchen, industrial lamps and perfectly Instagrammable marble tables. The cakes, pastries, well pretty much everything is pretty Insta-worthy actually. Not that it’s all about that, but I definitely appreciate when my coffee or food looks good.

Besides being super sweet, I see why Tzurit has such a great success with Tatte – she now has six locations around town, the last one in Harvard Square just opened last month. She’s very involved in the beautiful design process, and of course she’s totally involved in the baking process. They test out new recipes all the time, and what I think makes Tatte stand out from the crowd, is the wide assortment of delicious treats you won’t find anywhere else. On top of my list? The pistacio croissant! But the indulging avocado toast is pretty amazing too … and that cappuccino!

They serve breakfast, brunch and lunch – and many of the dishes are available all day until closing time around 8pm, so there’s every occasion to visit Tatte. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss it … And it’s safe to say I didn’t, I actaully stopped by three times during my 5 day visit … Guess that’s what makes a favourite.

Tatte is also featured in my Boston video.

Tatte has more locations around Boston, check out Tattebakery.com

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