We’ve already been over the re-opening of The Ritz in Paris (including the Chanel spa – yes, really!) but 2016 sees the opening of some other hotels as well. Will you be trying any of them?


Amastan Room Rendering

Amastan Paris

In the refined 8th arrondissement, Amastan will open as the flagship of the new hotel brand. With only 24 rooms, it will be equally as luxurious as it’s neighbour hotels, but with a younger and more vibrant feel. Opening early 2016.



The Hoxton

One of my favourite hotel brands are expanding to Paris in 2016. This photo is from their London hotel, but I’m sure the French equivalent will be just as cool. Why I love The Hoxton? Affordable and chic, isn’t that all you can ask for in your hotel?



Hôtel Bachaumont

The Hôtel Bachaumont has actually already opened, but it’s still a newcomer worth a visit. The old Paris hotel has been renovated and reopened with an elegant art deco interior. And the added bonus? The bar and restaurant is run by Experimental Group. Located in the 2nd arrondissement.

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