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As much as I’d like to tell you that everywhere I go is just something I miraculously found on the way, that’s not the case. At all.

A lot of people always ask me how I find all these nice places on my travels, so I thought I’d tell you a bit about how I plan my trips. Spontaneous trips are amazing, but I also really love looking forward to a trip, it makes for even better planning.

Since I got the Asus computer to test about a month ago, I started thinking about what I use my laptop for. Nowadays most people are fine with just their smartphone for surfing, Instagramming etc. but I realised my computer is a must when I put hours and hours into planning my trips. I’m used to my Mac at home, so I was worried the transition would be difficult. Obviously I need my laptop to be fast and smooth to navigate, and since starting this blog I also need it to be lightweight so I can bring it on all my trips. The Asus Zenbook Gold ticks all those boxes. And the old Mac? The transition was super easy, and the best part of the Asus is how unbelievably fast it is!

But now to the planning, got your laptop in front of you? Okay, let’s do this – here are my 5 tips for a successful travel.

1. Start taking notes

The sooner the better. Whenever I know I’m going somewhere, I start writing down places that comes my way. My next trip is Japan in the spring, so whenever I see a cute café on Instagram, stumble upon the best noodle bars in Tokyo on a food website, hear someone recommend something or find a Japanese fashion brand to look for, I write it down. I use , which is easy to access on both the laptop and the iPhone app, when I’m on the go. It makes reading magazines and scrolling through Instagram a little slower, but it’s definitely worth it.

2. Get organized

In the beginning my notes are a big mess, but the bigger they get, the more I start categorising places into areas and cafés/restaurants/shopping etc. I also highlight some of the places I’m certain I want to visit.

3. Decision time!

When I get closer to departure date, I start looking through all the notes, check out the places online and on Instagram, and choose what I’m actually going to visit. Make reservations if necessary (for dinner, it’s usually a good idea) – my worst nightmare is to end up at a random Italian restaurant because I didn’t book something in advance. You can always cancel.

4. Be realistic

This is a tip to take seriously. You want to enjoy your trip, not run around all stressed out. Make sure there’s time to hang around the wonderful area you just found, to take a wrong turn, or to have an extra coffee.

5. Your planned destinations will take you somewhere unexpected

When looking for something specific, I always end up finding three other places on the way. And that’s what I love!


Happy planning!


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  • February 15, 2016


    Hejsa :)
    Måske et lidt underligt spørgsmål – men dit cover til telefonen, er fra Casetify, går jeg ud fra. Jeg synes de har SÅ mange fine, men har lidt problemer med at gennemskue told/moms reglerne for import fra USA.. Så vil bare lige høre, om du tilfældigvis har fundet dit et sted i Europa?

  • February 16, 2016


    Hej Camilla. Godt spørgsmål. Jeg havde faktisk ikke selv skænket det en tanke (mærkeligt nok), så jeg bestilte det bare. Der var ingen problemer eller ekstra regning… Det er så fint, så jeg synes det er besværet værd 😊

  • February 17, 2016


    Jeg tager chancen:) Det er nemlig SÅ fint😊 Og 1000 tak for en super-inspirerende blog!

  • February 19, 2016


    Tak for din søde kommentar:) håber du bliver glad for coveret!