Did you know that ELLE is not only the world’s biggest fashion magazine with 46 editions around the world – it’s also a café in Japan?! And it’s really cute!

And let’s just say the stuff on the shelves pretty much looks like what we prefer to snack at the ELLE office here in Copenhagen: cold pressed juices, granola, delicious chocolates, herbal teas, chia puddings and coconut yoghurt. Not to say that other snacks don’t make it to the office, but these are what I’d prefer.

Most importantly, the café also offers reading material, all ELLE magazines, of course. Though it’s difficult to read, it’s definitely fun to see how all editions are different.

I spent way too much time in there deciding what to bring home to my ELLE girls, and ended up with a chocolate made with coconut milk and some berry tea. The office is still talking about that coco-choco, which was gone before you could say oishi! (That’s delicious in Japanese, in case you wonder …)

Wish we had this in Copenhagen, would be so cool!




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