There’s a new summer postcard in the mailbox, this time from Frederikke of Fredes Blog. Besides her blog she also published her own book, how cool is that? We share a love for sneakers, Glossier products and cool sunglasses …

Hi Josephine!

Greetings from Tisvilde where I’m enjoying the ‘small’ beach festival Musik i Lejet.


This place is super awesome and the weather is perfect. Couldn’t ask for more.

The best thing I’ve experienced so far is drinking cold Aperol Spritz and the LISS concert that blew my mind and of course recovering from my hangovers by the beach drinking cold canned coke. But I’m also really into playing beach tennis and is getting really good at it.


Unfortunately we didn’t get enough ice creams, but that’ll be next time!


In my bag I packed my Adidas wooden sandals, my Supreme fleece for the late nights, Magicstripes wake up collagen eye patches (they really work!), Rudolph Care sun oil and lots of bikinis.


But of course I couldn’t help but do a little shopping! The souvenir I’m bringing home is actually my beach tennis set. New favorite.


If I could only tell you about three places to visit here, it would be the beach area just 500m left from Helenekilde Badehotel, Rabarbergaarden and Risteriet for great coffee.

Wish you were here!


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