Just as you’d almost given up on Danish summer, it shows itself in late August – who would have known?

So I did what you must do on a sudden summer Sunday, abandoned any duties at home to seek up some sun in Copenhagen. Where to? Without hesitation: La Banchina.

I’ve been wanting to visit the whole summer, but to be honest, the weather just hasn’t allowed it – at least the days I had the chance.

It’s the closest thing Copenhagen comes to The Surf Lodge – just as chill and cool. It’s a cafe/harbour side hang on Refshaleøen, open all day for breakfast, lunch, dish of the day for dinner or just a glass (or three) of wine. The coffee is excellent too.

With a couple of friends in hand and an empty calendar, this is the perfect place for a Danish summer night. And with the new bridge combining Refshaleøen with the centre of Copenhagen, it’s just a 10 minute bike ride away.

So what would you do if you only had one week left of summer? Go to La Banchina of course!


Refshalevej 141a,

La banchinarefshaleøen
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