Meet my Instagram friend, Hanna! I’ve been following her blog for years, and we’ve been liking each others photos on Instagram for a long time, so when we finally met in real life, it felt like we knew each other so well. We try to catch up whenever our paths cross, usually during Stockholm or Copenhagen fashion week – but when she’s moving to Copenhagen this fall, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of each other. Guess that’s how friendships are born in the digital age, huh? Crazy, but so cool!

Hi Josephine!

Greetings from Gotland!


This place is so pretty and perfect. Very Swedish but also from out of space.

The best thing I’ve experienced so far is amazing cinnamon buns, lovely sunsets and awakening morning swims. But I’m also really excited to take a break from the relaxing and go out partying in Visby one night.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the south parts of the island but that’ll be next time!


In my bag I packed swimsuits, books, sunscreen, and lots of pretty dresses.


But of course I couldn’t help but do a litte shopping! The souvenir I’m bringing home is a little pot I found in a little vintage shop. Think it will fit perfect in my apartment in Copenhagen when I move. If I find one :)


If I could only tell you about three places to visit here, it would be Furillen, Fårö and Själsö Bageri

Wish you were here!


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