Yes, you guessed it! I’m spending New Year’s in Berlin, and I’m super excited.

The last time I was there, was on a one day trip, so it almost doesn’t count.

As you already know, I’m checking in to Soho House, but here are three other places I can’t wait to try …


Cowshed Spa

Yes, this spa is located inside the hotel, but since it’s probably freezing I actually plan to spend a lot of time inside the hotel. A treatment here would be a pretty nice way to welcome the new year, don’t you think?


Distrikt Coffee

But when I do make it outside, I’ll make sure to stop by this coffee spot. Not only for a caffeine break, but for their breakfast as well. How good do those pancakes look?


Room Capacity

Vintage furniture and art – this looks like a place where you could easily find a thing or two for your home. Let’s just hope it fits into the carry-on luggage.

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