Where better to have the Comme des Garçons heart as nail art than in Tokyo?

I’m not into too crazy nail art, so this simple and cute heart was perfect! I had it done at the Uka nail salon in Omotesando.

I became familiar with Uka when I was in Tokyo two years ago, and found their natural nail oil at this place. Not only is the packaging really pretty, it does wonders for my nails too. So it’s safe to say that a visit to Uka’s own salon was high on my list this time …

They have a few salons, I went for the one in Omotesando, because they have English speaking staff. I stopped by to book a treatment, and got one the day after.

I was greeted by Seika, who not only spoke English, she was super nice, giving me a lot of tips to Tokyo, and she was immediately into my idea about the Comme des Garçons heart.

Because I was a first time customer, they gave me a mini treatment for free. I chose a mini neck massage – but depending on the day, you can also choose to have a few eyelash extensions put on. Cool, right? I was put in a lounge-like chair, feet up and head back, while one woman worked on my back and Seika on my nails. How’s that for spa-feeling? I’m not sure if it was the jetlag, but I almost fell asleep during the massage …

I’m always worried the nail polish will chip easily, but the heart (and the rest of my mani) stayed with me for a full week, if not a few days more! Which is impressive in my book. What’s even more impressive, is how smooth and glossy my nails looked when I removed the polish … And three weeks after, they’re still super glossy, so much that I almost don’t wanna wear any polish.

Not sure how Seika acheived that, all I know is that the Japanese knows a beauty trick or two!

Uka does a lot of nail art – check their for more.

4-21-10 Ura Omotesando2F, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo,

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  • April 15, 2016


    Hvad kostede din manicure der?:) Jeg er nemlig i Tokyo nu, såå måske skulle man forbi.

  • April 15, 2016


    Hej Charlotte,
    Jeg er faktisk ikke helt sikker, men husker det som nogenlunde samme priser som i Danmark. Så ikke billigere – men bestemt oplevelsen værd! 😊 Nyd Tokyo!

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